Welcome to New Vision Financial, Inc. and to EDIE-Online, "the private equity securities information system." EDIE-Online is a 24X7 Internet-based system that provides licensed brokers and accredited investors with efficient, economical access to an electronic library for investment in privately-held emerging growth companies; emerging growth businesses with easier access to growth capital than ever before available; and sponsors with targeted access to potential clients.

Who is New Vision Financial, Inc. and what is EDIE-Online?

New Vision Financial, Inc. is a Delaware Corporation founded in January 1999 to apply Internet efficiencies and economies to the global private equity capital process.

What need does EDIE-Online meet? Value to investors? Value to brokers & businesses?

Today, a host of financial services are offered online, including public offerings, securities trading, banking, insurance, and mortgages. Small business is the most active part of the surging U.S. economy, as 1,500,000 private businesses have annual revenues of from $500,000 to $10 million. These firms need capital to finance their growth, and while there is a large and growing pool of private equity capital, it is burdened by a very inefficient market mechanism.

Technology, especially the Internet, affords the opportunity to make the private equity market efficient, much as it has done for the public equity markets. In sum, the successful popularization of online financial services coupled with the growing capital pool and inefficiencies in the market present a tremendous opportunity to use technology to insert efficiencies into the private equity capital market - on a global basis.

With EDIE-Online, investors can see and do more high quality deals meeting their investment criteria, more efficiently present their own investment opportunities, reduce travel, reduce transaction times, and make more effective use of transaction-related resources. Thus, EDIE-Online helps investors reduce costs while increasing deal flow.

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