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Please note that this site provides a functional demonstration of the system. EDIE-Online is not currently in business operation.

Welcome to EDIE-Online, the private equity investment information system at your desktop. EDIE-Online is a 24X7 Internet-based system that makes the private equity market operate like the public market, especially by increasing private market efficiency and introducing greater discipline in areas such as disclosure. It is designed to provide broker-dealers with a listing of companies seeking capital much like a multiple listing service provides residential real estate brokers. The system also facilitates a private market for emerging companies by matching them with investors online via intermediaries.

While New Vision provides infrastructure for all private equity financing, we do not participate in the financing itself. EDIE-Online is distributed via partners comprised of broker-dealers, commercial lenders, universal banks, investment bankers, venture capitalists, and service providers.

The site is divided into three sections: User Guide & Guest Demo, Business Information & Services, and EDIE-Online System. We invite first time visitors to review the User Guide & Guest Demo section to learn about the system, then check out the Business Information & Services section to learn more about New Vision Financial and read our newsletter, The BusinessXpert.

We invite you to use EDIE-Online frequently to become familiar with its benefits and optimize your system use. You will quickly appreciate its many benefits. Thanks for using EDIE-Online.

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