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Part I Data for EDIE-Online

For what purpose(s) did you use EDIE-Online information?

    (Please rank responses in order of importance to you.)

     Seeking investment opportunities

     Finding companies seeking financing

     Reviewing company executive summaries

     Reviewing company private placement packages

     Finding investment partners for a deal

     Analyzing investment trends

     Tracking company financing activity

Which parts of the EDIE-Online database are most valuable to you?

    (Please rank in order of importance to you.)

     Company location and contacts

     Company management team

     Company summary profile

     Company executive summary

     Upcoming round (amount sought)

     PPM or business plan

     Company attachments (e.g., sales collaterals, presentations)

     Video presentation

What other valuable information would you like to see available in the EDIE-Online database?

Part II Evaluating EDIE-Online

Please rate EDIE-Online content using the following criteria:

    (5=excellent 1=poor)




     Depth of information


Please rate EDIE-Online content overall:

    (5=excellent 1=poor)

     Overall content rating

Please rate the EDIE-Online system using the following criteria:

    (5=excellent 1=poor)

     Sign-on speed

     Navigation (ease of locating information)

     Clarity of EDIE-Online user instructions

     Speed of search (search time lag)

     Search combinations

     Graphic presentation (design/layout)

     Readability (information presentation)


     Overall ease of use

Please rate the EDIE-Online system overall:

    (5=excellent 1=poor)

     Overall system rating

Please rate EDIE-Online products and information:

    (5=excellent 1=poor)

     The BusinessXpert newsletter

     Executive summaries


     About us


     Sponsor information

Please rate EDIE-Online products and information overall:

    (5=excellent 1=poor)

     Overall product and information rating

How can EDIE-Online be improved?

Part III About You

    Firm Name:
    Your Name:
    Your Title:
    Firm URL:
    Your E-Mail:

May New Vision Financial, Inc. contact you to conduct a more in-depth interview toward improving the value of EDIE-Online to you?


If you answered yes, please provide further contact information:

Firm Address:

Internet connection:

     Telephone line  ISDN  DSL  Cable  T1

Does your firm have:

     Intranet?  Extranet?  Network?

What modem access speed is available to you?

     9600  28800  56000  


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