New Vision strategic partners are public and private companies with extensive experience in Internet systems development and electronic commerce.

CyberCash, Inc.

CyberCash, Inc. (NASDAQ CYCH) is the leading enabler of secure commerce on the Internet. Cyber-Cash secure Internet payment technology allows banks, financial institutions, transaction processors, merchants, technology developers, and consumers worldwide to make and receive payments using a variety of methods, including credit card, CyberCoin™ service, and PayNow™. CyberCash was founded in August 1994 by Bill Melton, founder of Verifone and Transaction Network Systems; Dan Lynch, founder of Interop; Steve Crocker; and Bruce Wilson. The firm initiates, develops, and manages business relationships with technology and service partners around the globe. (

Web Data Solutions, Inc.

Web Data Solutions, Inc. is a privately held company that designs and builds sophisticated Web sites and electronic commerce applications. Company solutions are based on the most advanced off-the-shelf products, permitting construction of high-quality sites at reasonable cost. Clients include Mobil Oil, HRC, Inc., Educational Testing Service, Edutest, Inc., George Washington University, LearningStream, Inc., Georgetown University, SRA International, and BTG, Inc. Technology partners include Microsoft, Netscape, Sun, Oracle, and Informix. (

BTG, Inc.

BTG, Inc. (NASDAQ BTGI) is an information systems and technical services company with over 1,300 skilled and experienced professionals who are expert at transforming technology into clear-cut advantages for government and commercial customers. BTG specializes in intelligence systems, network security, IT support services, software development and maintenance, integrated logistics support, modeling and simulation, and technical analysis. BTG was system architect and developer for EDIE-Online, having previously developed the IPAnet for the World Bank.

Support Organizations

New Vision legal counsel is provided by the law firms of Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver and Jacobson and McGuire, Woods, Battle & Booth, auditor is KPMG, and advertising and public relations is conducted by RMR & Associates, Inc., a leading agency serving technology-based enterprises.

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